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Manufacturing & Contract Packing




MOQ - 100k

With 8 dedicated encapsulation suites, we can offer some of the highest production outputs in the industry.

  • Manufacture of up to 12 million capsules per day

  • Fully automated systems for high speed runs. 6 High speed automatic lines including integrated polishing and metal detection.

  • 3 Semi-automatic encapsulators for lower volumes, excipient-free as well as difficult to encapsulate products and Probiotics.

  • #000, #00, #00EL, #0, #0EL, #1, #3 capsule sizes available, HPMC (Vegetarian), Gelatin, Pullulan, Delayed release and TiO2-free coloured capsules available.


Licaps and beadlets

MOQ - 250k

  • Liquid (oil-based) ingredients and fat soluble Vitamins

  • Low MOQs and fast lead time

  • Beadlets or Micro-encapsulated ingredients.

  • Combination Liquid and Beadlet capsules



MOQ - 250k

Nutra Direct have 8 high speed tablet presses, currently manufacturing over 4 billion tablets per year, with machinery from renowned suppliers such as Bosch, Romaco Kilian and PTK.

  • Various tooling sizes, plus ability to order bespoke tooling on short lead times.


  • Integrated de-dusting and metal checking.

  • Ability to tablet formulas without traditional excipients such as Magnesium Stearate

  • Flavoured chewable tablets, including Fat Burners, Multivitamins and Energy tablets.

  • Clear and coloured coating, including Titanium Dioxide-free films via large batch tablet coaters



MOQ - 20k Tubes

Fully automated Effervescent manufacture, available in a variety of delicious natural flavours and colours.

  • Sugar-free Effervescents, with options for stable/non-reactive formulations, increasing packaging options

  • High automation Tube Filling line, available in 10, 15 and 20 per tube packing options

  • Options for fully printed tubes (MOQ 50k)

  • Incredible flavour profiles and custom development options


Functional gummies

MOQ - 250k for stock formulations.

UK Manufactured Gummies, with MOQs starting at just 250k pieces.

  • Gelatin or Vegan/Pectin-based Gummies


  • Ready made formulas

  • On-site Innovation center and NPD machines ready for scale-up trials

  • Small and large scale manufacturing lines to assist with smaller MOQs and with larger runs

  • Numerous flavours and colour options



MOQ - 500kg or 1000 finished units

We can offer a complete powder service, from formulating, to flavouring to blending, to filling.

  • Stock range of formulations available on lower MOQ's

  • Bespoke formulations and development service available. We stock over 2000 ingredients, but can always source new and exciting products.

  • 6 Blenders, ranging from 100kg to 3 tonnes per blend. We utilise tumble blenders, IBC blending systems, Ribbon blenders and 3D mixers to ensure the correct mix is applied to the right formulation.

  • Fully automated tub filling from 500ml to 11L, for high speed runs.

  • Pouch filling, including semi and fully automated filling lines with automated opening, filling, scoop insertion and sealing.

  • Single serving sachet filling, including plain and printed laminates.



MOQ - 2k Bottles & Pouches, 5k Blisters

Once we have manufactured your products, we can then pack them into suitable containers.

  • 3 capsule/tablet counters, including two fully automated Countec 16-channel, 2 head lines with automatic rotary capping, capable of filling over 25,000 pots per day.

  • 1 semi-automatic counter capable of filling "postal packs" and pouches.

  • State of the art label applicators, ensuring a straight, smooth label.

  • High speed IMA Blister packing machine.

  • Foil printing for quick turnaround on blister foils.

  • In-house CMYK high resolution digital label printing, ensuring complete control and quick lead times.

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